All About Hey Monkey! Design

I love good design. I do good design. I want to do good design for you. I like to think blue sky. I want to work with you, not for you. A partner invested in the success of your brand. We will agree, disagree, argue, laugh, maybe share a drink or two, and make something great together. So take a few minutes and learn a little bit more about the guy (that’s me) that will become you and your brand’s new best friend.

Lenny. In Pictures.

Guitar Pickin’

Jamming with JW Jones. Canadian Blues Bad-Ass!


Joe Schram (AIGA President) and my buddy Aaron Draplin. He's the Real Deal.


The man, the myth, the legend. Mike Jones.

"So... What can you do?"

Oh gosh. A whole lot really. I can take nothing and turn it into a whole lot of something or I can take something and make it a better something. Need a brand and print collateral? Done. Want some screen prints of that killer design you just cranked out? Done. Need illustrations for your book, magazine, storefront windows, or to cover that tattoo you got in Vegas? Done. I just want to make something that looks great and works great for you.

"What will all this cost?"

There seems to be this stigma about letting your prospective creative team (or person) know your budget. Many think if they disclose the budget that is going to be the project cost. Not so. It tells me the confines in which we have to work with. I will let you know what we can do for that amount and if you even need that much design work done. If you really have no idea what you want to spend that is ok too! This just means we will spend a little more time upfront discussing all the options out there to help narrow things down.

Ok, let's get honest here. I've been doing this awhile. So I am not the cheapest on the block. If you want it really fast for really cheap I won't be the guy for you. But if you want to partner with someone who gives a damn about you and your brand we should talk. And I promise I will not take the job just for the money. If I do not feel it is the right fit for me I will help point you to someone who is. Life is short. I want to work on fun stuff!

Enuff business talk...

I have been a one-man shop for almost 15 years but don’t think I do it alone. I have built a huge network of friends who are so good at what I am not good at that I rely on them to help tackle any size project you can throw at me. Chances are if you need it done I gotcha covered. At the very least you should give me a call. I have a lovely over-the-phone voice. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!