11 Things I Learned When Starting My Screenprinting Journey

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It was a big deal deciding to undertake screenprinting as a major part of my business. Larger space, equipment, money, oh and the fact that I had no idea how to screenprint came into play as well. But here I am a few years later. A screenprinter. Still learning? You betcha. Here are a few of the many things I have picked up that may help you on your journey as well. Read More

Team-Building with VIF International

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There is nothing better then word of mouth advertising. Having done a great job or given someone a great experience and they tell others and the cycle continues. Thanks to my friend Danny at BrandFuel and the awesome Make & Bake workshop we held, the fine folks at VIF International gave me a call to hold a team-building event ... Read More

Make and Bake with Brandfuel

Do you know Danny Rosin, one of the owners of Brandfuel? Well if you don’t you are missing out on one of the great joys in life. The energy and positivity he brings into a room, a conversation and a friendship inspires one to be a better person, hold themselves to higher standard and want to make real improvements to their lives. Yeah, Danny is pretty cool. Read More

Creative South 2015. Humbled. Thankful. Energized.

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I was a speaker this year. I told my story. My story of 17 years of lost passion, failure, relationships, raising my daughter, ending my marriage, finding new love and a new love for life. I had never spoken on this scale before. I had every intention of rehearsing this thing to death so I knew exactly how long and what I was going to say when and where.  Read More

It Takes A Village

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In the 4 months between signing the lease and getting the keys to my space a lot of work had to be done. Draw up plans, gather materials and most importantly figure out how the hell am I going to pull off all this work. When it comes to construction, tools, DIY I am about as dumb as a bag of hammers. Read More

Hello Durham

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I have been on my own, working for myself for almost 15 years now. With the exception of a few contract jobs here and there my office has been the guest or bonus room in whatever house or apartment I lived in at the time. I always had that space dedicated to my workspace but it has always been a commute of roughly 10 steps from my bedroom to get to work. Working from home is hard (for me at least). It is really easy to get distracted by any number of house errands, laundry, the Xbox - though I have been pretty good at abstaining from gaming while working. In the last few years though the hardest part has been never getting to come home from work. Having that separation. It’s so easy to just walk back in the office and “knock out a 5 minute thing.” Three hours later my evening is gone and it is time for bed and to start the grind all over again. Read More

Community Fosters Creativity

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Designers, developers, photographers. We are all creatives. It may be with pixels, pencils, php or photos but we all have to come up with solutions that sometimes take a few trips around the bend to reach the destination. In today’s world of working from home or the coffee shop or even in an office full of people with the headphones on to block out those pesky distractions, it's really easy to get lost in ourselves and forget to connect with people. Real connections. Where friending someone means walking up, shaking their hand, and having a conversation. Read More