Make and Bake with Brandfuel

Do you know Danny Rosin, one of the owners of Brand Fuel? Well if you don’t you are missing out on one of the great joys in life. The energy and positivity he brings into a room, a conversation and a friendship inspires one to be a better person, hold themselves to higher standard and want to make real improvements to their lives. Yeah, Danny is pretty cool.

I met Danny a few years back at the High Five Conference in 2014. We were both manning vendor tables at the conference. Brand Fuel and myself with AIGA Raleigh. We hit it off immediately and I knew he was someone I needed to know more about as there was no doubt he was in a place in his life where he was truly living it and enjoying it
Around the time of High Five 2014 I had hatched the idea of opening my own studio. To take that big leap. Starting making a life for myself that I was truly living and enjoying. I knew Danny would be the perfect mentor to help guide me. What came out of it was a true friend and someone I can always count on for a good joke and a great story.

Through the several mentoring / friendly conversations one of the thoughts was to work with Danny and Brand Fuel to do team building and relationship building events. Get people out of the office, working with their hands and face to face with peers. It was a grand idea and fully recognizing we were both very busy people I remember Danny saying “This would be great thing. We are never going to do this are we?” I assured him this would happen. Flash forward a year. The studio is built, open for business. And in the summer of 2015 Brand Fuel and around 10 to 15 of their most valued customers (honestly, Brand Fuel values all customers) got together for a morning of conversation, a little print education and then got down to business slinging some ink and making some shirts. Everyone had a blast, we made good on a promise to each other and a bond was strengthened.


Danny Rosin
Yes, I opened and expanded my business to make a better and more fulfilling life. And sure most people equate that to money. We do have to pay the bills and have a little fun, right? But taking the time to build and foster community is something that cannot be understated. The rewards are far greater than any quick hit of cash you might get. Take time to grow you, the people around you and build your own community.  I cannot thank Danny enough for being part of mine and someone I consider a true friend. 
Interested in bringing your team out for little R&R outside of the office and away from the computer? Get in touch and let’s make it happen! Let’s get creative!

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