Hey! Let's work on something fun together. Need that new venture branded? Maybe your long-running business needs a facelift. I can do that. I really want to dig into some fun stuff for you and think of new, fun ways to do things. Illustrations, branding, design, let's get it all on the table! If you are ready to dig deep and work WITH someone, swap ideas and get in the mix together, drop me a line and let's get cranking!

A few quick things...

How does this work?
Generally you call, email or fill out my contact form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours. We will setup a meeting and talk about your wants and needs and all the fun blue sky ideas. We will talk about budget as well. I'll head off and follow-up with an email recapping our meeting and if that looks good I will put together an official proposal for you.

Can I see some work before we start a project?
Sure! Head over to my work and take a look. Also Dribbble and Instagram too!

No, I mean some examples of what you might do for me?
No, sorry. I do not do spec work.

Ok, love the proposal, let's move forward!
Great! I am super-excited! Just so you know, I require a signed contract and 50% deposit before I can start any work.  When we are all done I do require the remaining amount to be paid before I can turn over any final files to you or an outside vendor such as a printer or developer. If we are looking at a huge or long-term contract we can discuss specific payment terms for that situation.