So you want some hand-pulled screen-printed goodness do ya? You are my kind of people. So let's get started by you telling me about what you want printed. Shirts? Posters? Something else? Keep in mind I am an all hand-pulled shop so my shirt and poster quantities start at 25-50 pcs. depending on the complexity of the print. We don't want to get into all that work for just a few measly items, now do we? Go big or go home, right?! Really excited to sling some ink for you!

A few business things:

All orders must be paid in full before order is placed. This ensures your slot in the production schedule and covers all paper, ink and shipping costs out the gate to make sure things get on press and out the door as fast as possible. Cash, checks or Square invoices are the name of the game for me!

Turnaround Time:
Usually around 10 days from the time payment and final artwork is received to shipped out the door (or delivered if local). Turn around time does not start when we start talking about your project, it starts when I have both print ready art and payment. Any additional pre-press or production beyond just the printing and cutting of your project will add time to your order. So know that the more intricate your job is, the longer it may take. If you pay by check the turnaround time starts when the check clears.

All prices subject to change at any time. Any pricing on existing jobs will always be honored of course but the next job would be at the new pricing model.