Holding a real item in your hands. Smelling the ink. The feel of the paper, the soft-hand feel of a well-designed shirt. After years of digital-only design, I wanted to get back to the root of things and make stuff. As soon as I pulled my first print I was hooked. This process is a never ending one. You can do the same thing 300 times and yet it is somehow different each one of those time. That is the allure. The uniqueness. From the passion you put into the design to the passion and dedication into finding the best way to bring it to life, I am excited to tackle the challenges and make something real.

Water-Based. Eco Friendlier

I use all water-based inks and soy and citrus-based cleaners throughout my process. This gives fabrics that nice soft-hand or vintage feel that is so timeless. So do I do “green” screenprinting? No. No matter what these are still chemicals and compounds but they are much safer all around. No screenprinting is truly green. But this is gets us closer to keeping our home a bit cleaner. Not to mention way cooler looking and feeling prints!

Green Galaxy Water Based Inks

Hand-Pulled. What Does That Mean?

It’s how the country was built. By hand. If it is good enough for America it is good enough for me! Every print, every step of the way is done by hand. No automatic machines. Each print is touched upon by a glorious human being. Me! Prepping and coating screens. Lining up films to make sure things are locked in place. Paper being racked up and laid in the table to register it just right, The perfect color mixed and remixed until it looks so good you want to eat it up. Then, the fun part. Each color in your print is pulled across your shirt, your poster, by hand. Think about that. In this day of everything now, everything fast I chose to do it by hand. I can do it faster and cheaper with an automatic press. But then why do it? Does that mean that everyone else who does it that way is wrong? Not at all. It just means that I wanted to have this process be a physical process. Literally be part of it.

When you order a poster. Let’s say 50 posters at 3 colors. That means each color is pulled one or two times to get the ink to lay down just right. That is 150 to 300 passes by a human hand to recreate your artwork. Yeah… I kind of get off on that.


What to Expect From a Hand-Pulled Print

I strive to make every print as perfect as I can. But sometimes the sheer fact that it is a human process from beginning to end lends that imperfect magic to the prints. Sometimes those happy accidents occur that take a print to a place we didn’t think of. I will always shoot for making sure everything looks as good as it can be but know that sometimes the tiny imperfections that are a part of screenprinting are what makes it that way. They help give each print a personality all its own. A voice to tell the story.