Sharing the Story

I was a performing musician in blues, roots, R&B and rock n roll bands for almost 15 years. The thrill of getting up on stage, entertaining making that connection. But really, it was a character I was playing. Sure the music was genuine and I was still me but it really was a slightly altered (distorted?) version of me. So when I felt like I had a story to tell about my life, my career and the rocky journey it takes to get anywhere in life I knew It had to be unfiltered and uncensored. Raw and emotional. What impact did it have on my life? Those around me? If you want real talk from a real guy who struggled for 17 years to find his place in life, love, the pursuit of creative freedom and happiness then I would love to speak at your conference, organization, school, AIGA chapter or any event where you want the story of someone trying to carve out a small place in the world and build a creative community to empower others to reach their full potential.

Speaking Events

On Stage. Real Talk.

Walking Out on Stage

Creative South 2015

Humbled By The Reaction

Creative South 2015

Just Create

This talk is the foundation. My story. 17 years of no passion, going through the motions. Letting life get the better of me and not fighting it. I spent years making excuses and placing blame but when the bottom fell out from under me I made a decision to grab hold of life and shape myself into what I always wanted to be. And I didn't do it alone. Along the way I became part of and continue to help shape some amazing creative communities and people I have come to call family. A great talk for getting people to step up and start to realize that it is ok to fail, that you are not a failure as long as you get back up and keep pushing. Also great as a cautionary tale for the younger creatives in life. Help them recognize some pitfalls and patterns before they happen. 

I saw Lenny speak at Creative South GA this past April and, in a conference full of inspiring stories, I found that his simply touched me in a way no other talk did. - Carlos Besabe (Illustrator)

Lenny Terenzi is a true inspiration in every way! He commands the stage like the rockstar that he is and keeps the audience on their toes! - Rocky Roark (Slap! Stickers)

Screw Networking

I hate networking. Or at least the word and the connotation. You show up somewhere with a stack of business cards and try to give them to as many people as possible with as little actual interaction as you can muster. And everyone else is in the room for the same reason. "Who can give me the service I want for the cheapest possible price?" Ugh. 

Try this... Spend time with people. Talk to them, learn about them. And DON'T give them a business card. Give them YOU. This talk will focus on how to get out of the dregs of shallow networking and how building relationships and even entire communities will be far more rewarding to your career and more importantly, your life. 

Interested? Of COURSE You Are!

Speaking on the above topics, emceeing events, part of creative panels. If it involved being around people I am all in. I am pretty easy to book too. Cover my travel, lodging and we can discuss speaker fees from there. AIGA Chapters! Get me there and put me up. The rest is on the house! Just another way to give back to the organization that has given so much to me. Give me a call at 919-680-4200, email me or head over to my Contact page!