A Place To Create

After 15 years of working for myself in a home office (bedroom, bonus room, apartment...) I felt like it was time to think bigger, be bigger. Believe in myself and plant a flag in the ground. So in August of 2014 I signed a lease on a 1700sf warehouse space in the busting and bursting mecca of Durham, North Carolina. When I moved in it was a white concrete box with beige painted floors. But thanks to the selfless love and work of my wife Kristen, her Mom and Dad, my parents, and 30+ amazing volunteers from our creative community we built it into so much more. A design studio, a print shop, a creative center where anyone can get energized and inspired. I have never worked harder or longer hours and loved it so much. If I am here, you are welcome to be here too. Consider my studio, your studio.

The Studio

Designed and built by myself, family and the creative community

Old South Supply Co. on the press!

Lighting sets the mood

Water-based Green Galaxy Inks!

Little vintage details abound...

Hand-built and wired by my amazing wife

Ready for the press!

A Place To Learn

With the outpouring of help and support I received every step of the way, how can I not want to help shape the community that shaped me? My studio offers screenprinting workshops taught by myself as well as hosting events with creative both locally and nationally. Speaking events, workshops, open house events and so much more are planned to help people get out of their rut, push themselves into new places or just have a place to keep current skills sharp. 

Learn. Grow.

A Place to Build Community

Those who know me know I am a people person. I thrive on personal contact, stories, helping people reach their potential and making connections. 5 min of real conversation can spark the idea that changes a life. So having a place that is an open door to that conversation or an inspiration incubator if you will, was hugely important to me. Hey, it's just me in a 1750sq. ft. studio so filling it with conversation and ideas, painting the walls with thoughts and dreams and blue sky what-ifs was a component of opening this studio when it was just an idea in my head. If I am here the door is open. You are welcome to walk in and set up for the day. Let's hang out!


Reignite Yourself

For 15 years I was holed up in a bedroom office and largely worked alone. Never again. I need to be around people who want to grow and push the envelope. Helping people reignite the creativity we are all born with but seem to lose along the way of life telling us to grow up, get a real job, make money, you are not good enough. I started a journey of personal and professional reinvention a few years ago and this studio was always that big idea that seemed unattainable. But when I said the idea out loud, when I gave it over to the universe it shouted back - DO IT! So I did. With the help of a lot of friends. So in the spirit of that I want this studio to be a place where new friends are made and all those crazy-ass ideas in our heads can have life. 

Reignite Yourself. Learn New Things!