Workshops & Events

Fostering a creative community is a passion of mine. It’s rewarding, uplifting and energizing. One of the big reasons I moved to such a large space (for me) was to get people away from the computer, the devices, and back into real life. Learning new skills or reinforcing old ones. We tend to get busy and overwhelmed so easily. It’s nice to step back and hold real conversations, with real people while making some real art. 

I try to offer workshops on a monthly basis so check back if you do not see a date that works for you. Additionally, you can sign up for my mailing list to be notified as new workshops open up. 

Event Calendar

Screen Print Teaser

• 2 to 3-hour workshop. A perfect "dip your toe in the ink" experience 
• $40 per person
• We have some great local-themed designs ready to go
• Bring your own shirts, pillowcases, tote bags...

Clocking in at just 3 hours (or less), this is a great class to get your feet inky without information overload. Maybe you have wanted to see what this screen printing thing is all about but have limited time at the moment. Or maybe you just like to try new things and then move on to learning something else. This workshop gets you in the door with a studio tour, a walkthrough of the entire process and then on the press to print your fabric-based items.

You DO NOT have to take this workshop to take the Screen Print Pro version. This is more of a taste test. If you do take this workshop first, however, you do get a discount should you decide to step up to the Pro workshop! 

 Screen Print Pro

• 6-hour workshop. Walk out of here a screen printer! 
• $125 per person
• Bring your own shirts, pillowcases, tote bags...
• Your own design/art or select from our own designs 
• Lunch is Included! Yum. 

You are ready to go. You want to learn how to print to get a new business started, get that Etsy store up and running or just crank out your own fun designs in your super-cool garage DIY setup (which we will talk about too!) Screen Print Pro is hands-on every step of the way. We will go over file and film prep and printing, you will coat the screens, mix the ink, tape up the screens, get it on the press, print all the things, and even the best part... CLEAN UP!

You DO NOT have to take the Screen Print Teaser workshop before this one.

Team Building 

• 3-hour session from $40 per person
• 6-hour sessions from $80 per person
• $150 Studio Fee (setup, studio time, cleanup) 
• 6 person minimum

Even Helen and Bob in HR will have a blast printing company T’s, posters, or whatever we come up with! Let's cater in some food, fill the cooler with some frosty beverages and watch your team-building go from Meh to YAY!

In need of a creative break from the office? Get out, get inky and build togetherness. From an all-day outing to an afternoon happy hour – it's a fine way to be creative with your co-workers. Give me a call (919-680-4200) or an email and we can custom create a session just for your team. 3-hour sessions start at $40 per person and 6-hour sessions from $80 per person. Print anything from shirts or totes to posters with your company brand, or custom designs by your team (or me!) Costs may need to be adjusted depending on project materials and quantity of final pieces needed.

Everyone 21 and up? Bring some beer or wine to celebrate not being in the office. Don't worry, you are not stuck to just the ideas I listed out. Give me a call and we can brainstorm!

Private Classes

• Call 919-680-4200 or email me to talk about private classes.
• Prices range depending on the number of people in the private class.

This private workshop is for those of you that want a little more one-on-one or just-a-few-on-one time to really dig into the process.  If there are specific things you want to learn let me know and we can create a custom class just for you! Give me a call (919-680-4200) or an email to discuss the details.

Need a Venue?

The studio is available for you as well! Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, Team-Building, Workshops, or any sort of creative collaboration event is great in my studio. Let’s talk details and get you and your team, friends or family in here!