Workshops & Events

Community is a passion of mine. It’s rewarding, uplifting and energizing. One of the big reasons I, a design shop of one, moved to such a large space was to get people away from the computer and into real life. Learning new skills or reinforcing old ones. We tend to get busy and overwhelmed so easily. It’s nice to step back and hold real conversations, with real people. Let’s print, draw, cut, carve, create.

Event Calendar

What Kind of Events?

Here is a quick shot of the events I regularly host at the studio. There may be some one-offs, random or events I host with other organizations (like AIGA Raleigh!) at any given time as well. Hope to see you at a few of them!

 Screenprint Starter
• 3-hour workshop 
• $40 per person 
• Select from studio art
• You supply 8-10 Fabric Items

This one day workshop will cover the basics of screenprinting on t-shirts or other fabric items. We'll do a studio tour, followed by a brief walkthrough of the process from art to press, wrapping up with you getting on press to print your very own fabric pieces. This is a great class to get your feet wet without information overload.

 Screenprint Intermediate
• 6-hour workshop 
• $95 per person
• You supply 8-10 Fabric Items
• Your own design/art or select from studio art. 
• Lunch Included 

This one day workshop will cover the basics of screenprinting on t-shirts or other fabric items. We'll cover art, film prep, screens, mesh, emulsion, squeegees, inks, exposure, registration and the different process for printing on light or dark colors fabrics - pretty much everything you need to know to get up and printing. The morning session starts with some of the basics and demonstrations. Then we'll continue by preparing your art, exposing screens during lunch and spend the afternoon printing. This will be very hands-on every step of the way. 

 Ink & Drink Print Night
• $20 per person
• Beverages Included (21 and up for beer...)
• After work 
• Studio Tour
• Print some T's (you supply the T's)

Sign up and stop by after work for a cold beverage and a creative way to screenprint T-shirts - or really any flat fabric. We'll expose a screen while you're having a beverage, then you can print up to 8 t-shirts or other fabric items. You are required to bring your own items to print. You can get blank T’s at Michaels, AC Moore or at an online retailer for an inexpensive amount.

Team Building
• 3 hour session from $40 per person
• 6 hour sessions from $80 per person
• 6 person minimum

In need of a creative break from the office? Get out, get inky and build togetherness. From an all day outing to an afternoon happy hour – it's a fine way to be creative with your co-workers. Give me a call (919-680-4200) or an email and we can custom create a session just for your team. 3-hour sessions start at $40 per person and 6-hour sessions from $80 per person. Print anything from shirts or totes to posters with your company brand, inspiration quotes or custom designs by your team (or me!) Costs may need to be adjusted depending on project materials and quantity of final pieces needed. Everyone 21 and up? Bring some beer or wine to celebrate not being in the office. Don't worry, you are not stuck to just the ideas I listed out. Give me a call and we can brainstorm!

Private Classes
• Call 919-680-4200 or email me to talk about private classes. 

This private workshop is for those of you that want a little more one-on-one or just-a-few-on-one time to really dig into the process.  If there are specific things you want to learn let me know and we can create a custom class just for you! Give me a call (919-680-4200) or an email to discuss the details.

Need a Venue?

The studio is available for you as well! Team-building days, workshops or any sort of creative collaboration event is great in my studio. Let’s talk details and get you and your team, friends or family in here!