Christmas Cards

2013 was a rebirth for me. In so many ways. I want to start making things. I want to be in control from idea to execution to production. Thanks to AIGA Raleigh, I got a grant to help me start a screen printing operation. To outfit and train myself, and then share what I am learning with the community. Make things you can hold. Feel the paper, smell the ink. After so many years of toiling away on work that never left the screen I was ready to make real objects. 

So in 2013 Lenny + Squeegee was born. I had a roomful of pretty damn good gear and not a clue how to use it! Thankfully my new friend, the incredibly talented Robb Leef gave up a ton of his time to come over and show me the ropes. The mission? To print my own Christmas Cards. 

Mission Accomplished. I am in LOVE with screen printing. Must. Make. More. Things. 

Thanks Christmas Cards!