AIGA Raleigh Dine and Draw

I am very active in our local AIGA Chapter. We have a passionate and active group of people running the show and a supportive community like no other. After a year of attending meetings and events I was asked to become the Volunteer and Community Organizer for the chapter and accepted without hesitation. 

Every member of our chapter brings something unique to the table. I wanted to bring the handmade aspect back to peoples work process. Unplugging and just getting your hands on a pencil and paper and draw. Free your mind and just draw. Just create. Analog. By hand. A physical extension of yourself. 

One of the ideas I am working on is a whole new series of programming centered around handmade crafting and techniques. I wanted to test the waters with a zero barrier entry event. Something that takes very little resources to enable and one that make it easy for anyone regardless of skill level to get something out of. So in looking at the myriad of drink and draw event around the country I started the Dine and Draw event in Nov of 2013. We has so many sign-ups we had to move venues! Since then we have held the Dine and Draw monthly and it has been a smashing success. In fact as I write this we are nearing 60 people for our next event!

As a fun side project I decided to brand the event. Something simple and clean. Recognizable over time. Eventually this will be part of larger programming each with their own unique branding. It was a fun project with complete creative freedom. I think some swag is in order soon!

I cannot thank AIGA Raleigh enough for bringing me into the fold, supporting this idea, and for the creative community embracing it so whole-heartedly

Thanks AIGA Raleigh Dine and Draw!