Lunchbox Love

Connecting with my daughter Bella. Pursuing a passion. Reconnecting with that little kid who used to draw all the time. Everything about my divorce has resulted in so much more positivity and good things in my life save for one. I see my daughter only every other week. So when I do have her with me I want to make that time count. Strengthen our relationship and make sure we are mindful of the little things in life. The jokes, the passing moments that seem to be forgotten 5 minutes later… So two years ago I started drawing little notes for her lunchbox. The first few were literally 1 minutes scribbles as we were usually running out the door late. But they let her know that she is always first on my mind and that I am there for her even when I am not there physically. Then, one evening I sat down for 30min and put a little more love into it.

And that was it. I was hooked, she was hooked and she had all her friends running up to her everyday at lunch to see what was “today’s note” was.

The sense of humor that runs through our household can be best described as having stopped at a junior high level. Underwear jokes, fart jokes, weird food jokes, weird food in underwear jokes and just plain “what the hell does that even mean” jokes run rampant through our family and make it really easy to have content for what I have come to call Lunchbox Love.

To date I have drawn over 200 of these for Bella and I estimate by the time she graduates High School that number will be near 600. I asked her if she was getting too old to take these into school and she made it very clear that she was not. In the eyes of my 15 year old daughter, I am still cool. I have some big plans afoot for this little project so stay tuned...

Thanks Lunchbox Love!