Tommy Harkenrider

I saw a talk at Creative South in 2013 by a great designer–Eric Mortensen. He had a line about helping friends and family out as much as possible which read "Don't let your mom have a shitty pie shop logo." We have the power to make things look better. We can take something bad in the world and put something good in its place.

My buddy Tommy Harkenrider is one of the best guitar players I know and it's coupled with being one of the nicest guys as well. He is building his name into a brand that is synonymous with excellence in blues and roots guitar music. He positively is the 1940's and 50's personified. So I knocked out a brand for him that fit that personification and we are slowly getting it worked into his business model to make sure he looks as good as he sounds. 

An exciting facet to this project! Tommy had the honor of being the first ever apparel printed by my new screen printing endeavor, Lenny + Squeegee! His logo translated wonderfully as a white one-color job on black and smoke Anvil 980 Ringspun Cotton T's.

Thanks Tommy Harkenrider!