Urban Sugar Mobile Cafe

Urban Sugar Mobile Cafe

My great and longtime friend Kevin and his wonderful wife Valeri knew the value of proper branding when they were in the earliest planning stages of their new mobile cafe venture. In fact, they planned and executed it correctly every step of the way. Saving and researching and taking the right steps in the right order. They recognized that to make the kind of impact needed–especially in the popular food truck business, that a well-thought out and researched brand was needed. They came to me first because if you cannot trust your friends, who can you trust?

“Lenny kicks ass. Period.”

This is a perfect example of how I do business. We are friends. close friends. But it is still a business and we both recognized that and we effortlessly and comfortable talked budget. Of course I gave them a great deal. They are friends and that is what you do for friends. I didn't nickel and dime them over how many design concepts or revisions. I did the job until my friends were happy because they also understood and repeated the process. And let me tell you I had fun with this one. Ideas poured out of me so fast I couldn't keep up. And in the end when they launch Urban Sugar to the masses just last year it took off like a rocket and they haven't looked back. And the branding I created has been a huge hit with everyone from customers to corporate and catering clients. 

Do what they did. Do the research. Be ready to play the game and start in the big leagues.

Thanks Urban Sugar Mobile Cafe!