Drawing during INK WARS


drawing stuff!

"Lenny needs to concentrate more and stop drawing cartoons on his work." Well, I still draw cartoons on my work but now I get paid for it. Take THAT teachers! You need a way to stand out and stand up from the white noise. Bring some custom illustration work into your brand and elevate your storytelling to engage and energize your audience.



This is where it all starts. Branding. It's the cumulative experience your clients walk away with after any experience with you. It's the total package from the look to how it's all rolled out with a dialed in process that gets to the root of who you and your clients and customers are. Rock-solid strategy matched with bulletproof identity design will give your business the creative, confident foundation it needs to stand up and stand out.

brand character

From Paper to Pixel

Ok, so I definitely lean towards the fun and the whimsical when I illustrate. A crazy, goofy, somewhat middle-school humored cast of characters constantly run through my head. But I think that is really to your advantage regardless of the style or tone you are looking for. I can swing my imagination all over the map to land on whatever visual representation your brand is best suited for.

spot illustration

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I had a client looking to take an online medical portal beyond the usual stock icons and give it some personality. The illustration style they had been using still felt a bit cold. Too clinical. They called me into to do some exploration on something a bit softer, some more character, but still familiar looking as the user base was of an older generation. If you can think beyond stock photos, stock illustrations and yes, even those stock logo sites and work with a professional (like me!) the result can be fine tuned and tailored to exactly what you need.

children's book illustration

A Passion Worth Pursuing

This one has been rolling around as a side-project and passion for a few years now. It was born out of doing lunchbox illustrations for my daughter when she was in middle and high school post-divorce as a way to strengthen our bond. Finally after years of ignoring everyone around me telling I need to push forward and do something with these I have started on my journey to create my first children's book. I can also apply this more detailed, painterly style to your brand, publication, other project as well! I will be launching an entirely separate site for this project by winter 2018.