Team-Building with VIF

There is nothing better then word of mouth advertising. Having done a great job or given someone a great experience and they tell others and the cycle continues. Thanks to my friend Danny at BrandFuel and the awesome Make & Bake workshop we held, the fine folks at VIF International gave me a call to hold a team-building event and get some shirts done for the company. Two of the ladies on the VIF team were at the Make & Bake event, had a great time and let everyone back at the office know about it. They cooked up a great design and spent the afternoon with me learning a bit about the process and getting their hands nice and inky. I cannot thank them enough for taking time out of their busy day and spending it printing with me. Huge thanks to Mitch Shepherd as well for assisting with the entire workshop. Thanks to him it went even smoother and helped us build a stronger friendship as well. Go team!

The VIF International team rocking theit T's