Wait... Are You Not A Commercial Screen Printer Anymore?

Something Is Different

Look up at the navigation to my new site. Something is missing. I'll give you a minute. There you go. Screen Printing is not a top-level navigation item anymore. So does this mean I have stopped screen printing? How can I own a screen printing shop and NOT do screen printing?! Slow down... It is both exactly what it looks like and not at all what it looks like.

Now Look Again

You will also notice that things like Branding and Design are also not top level items. Creative Services is where they all live now. And if you take a look further there is a rhyme to the reason in the order of those services. Branding, Illustration, Apparel Printing and Poster Printing. Think of it as a funnel. You have to start at the top with your brand and branding services. Once it funnels through it creates your base or foundation. Now, with branding can also come things like collateral design, signage and web design. Illustration can also be involved but is something I am very passionate about offering in service of your brand. Creating that visual language for people to know you and trust who you are. Starting now I am positioning my screen printing services in much the same way.

The Original Mission

When I set out to move from a home office to a studio in order to take my services to a new level (which did include screen printing) my overall pecking order was a creative who specializes in branding and illustration and use screen printing to further support those two pillars for creating branded items. Additionally, I would use my passion for building and nurturing creative communities through workshops and team-building across all of my services.

I Got A Little Lost

Seeing as screen printing was such a new venture for me almost all my marketing and social presence revolved around that tenant. So it should have come as no surprise that much of my design and illustration work had dried up and more and more screen printing jobs had been coming in. Having things like overhead now, bills needed to be paid.

Having things like overhead now, bills needed to be paid.

The Cold Hard Truth

Earlier this year I sat down with a financial advisor and he laid it out. Every aspect of my business had great growth potential save for one. Me printing shirts as a commercial printer. If I was on press I had zero ability to do anything else. WHich included follow-up, closing deals, marketing and design and illustration. In short every hour I was on-press I was losing way more money than I could make off-press. It was both disheartening but also very telling. Had I stuck to my initial vision and really put the work in when things got tough instead of trading it in for the dollar I would have been in a much stronger position than I am now.

Always Learning

So am I still a commercial screen printer? Yes! I am going to treat this like my branding and illustration jobs. Will it push me forward? Will it help me grow in my skillset? Will it push your brand forward? I need to question these jobs like my high-end design and illustration services from all angles to make sure it fits what I want to project as Hey! Monkey. Who is really looking to push the envelope with brand, style, fabric, printing technique? Who is bringing top-shelf design to their printed materials? Those are jobs I am looking for. The ones I can sink my teeth into and be inspired when I push the squeegee lift the screen.