Simply B

Branding, Packaging Design

Nothing Artificial

About This Brand

Betty (the "B" in Simply B") has lived a lifelong gluten-free lifestyle. When she set out to make her mark in the gluten-free baking mix industry she knew she needed to stand-out from the other offerings. She wanted something that would go toe-to-toe with the offerings in the packed full of gluten section of the store. Something that appealed to working parents and kids alike.

Single Color Simplicity
Single Color Mark

It's in the name but it really should be the hallmark of any brand. A clean, one-color mark that can be put anywhere on anything. If the logo doesn't work as a one-color mark then the brand doesn't work.

Unused Concepts

Here are a few marks that I really liked but just didn't hit the mark, See what I did there? But that exploration process did move us closer to the end goal of the final mark. I totally want to find somewhere to use that farm illustration somewhere.

After a not-so-great experience with another agency I knew Lenny would get my vision and translate it to life. And he did just that and then some.

- Betty Cogdell, Simply B