The Oxford Market


Local Lunch Counter

The Modern Family Meets 1940

When Shane came to me with the idea of the Oxford Market and where he wanted to take the brand I was all in. Dream Project. 1940's style Breakfast and Lunch Counter in a historic building in downtown Oxford, NC. We were even going to make branded merch for all the previous tenants of the building. Unfortunately, due to small town politics the project killed Shane's spirit and was put on indefinite hold.

Alternate Concepts
A Bit More Country Kitchen

The primary direction from Shayne was 1940's but with some modern sensibilities to it. So we had quite a few marks during the process with varying style. This one predated what would have been the final mark and you can see elements of the final mark in there.

A Nod To History

This was the last one I tried before the project ultimately met its demise. A graphic representation of the building and street corner. I loved the angle and perspective and thought it lent a more upscale air to the brand. It was worth trying for sure.

While the project never came to fruition working with Lenny was an absolute dream. He nailed every aspect of what I was looking for and then some. Exceeded expectations for sure.

- Shayne, The Oxford Market