Eighty8 Donut Cafe


Damn Good Donuts

Straight Outta Portland Maine

When my old friend (and client) Kevin Sandes of Urban Sugar Mobile Cafe had to to do a name change he came back to the source. I was so honored to help him brand his new/old gourmet donut business and help reach new height with this delicious new branding.

Alternate Marks
Day & Night Badges

Not just a breakfast donut mobile, The Eighty8 is available for all manner events and time. We created badge that harkened back to those classic work overall patches for both day and night.

Social Media Marks

You can't just shove your entire logo into a 180x180 circle and expect it to look good. You need to make sure every aspect of your brand works for the intended purpose. We created some custom marks that can be used anywhere an avatar is needed.

After the success of Urban Sugar I knew right where to go when I had to change the name and ultimately the entire brand.

- Kevin Sandes, Eighty8 Donut Cafe