Storyboard Media


And, Action!

Durham Filmakers Up Their Brand Game

While having a wicked sense of humor, the fellas at Storyboard Media wanted a clean, simple mark. We landed on our take of the classic film clapperboard. It has also been read as an open book, script, laptop all of which play into this modern video marketing agency.

Alternate Marks
Single Color Simplicity

While the full-color mark has some transparency to it for depth it did not translate as well to the one-color mark. We simplified the simple mark even further into a simpler simple mark.

Unused Concepts

We went around the bed quite a few times with various concepts. With some of them even hitting pretty close to what would be the final mark. I loved the exploration phase of this project.

Lenny did'nt just create a logo for us. He invested himself in our business and felt like a partner in our growth.

- Ben & Justin, Storyboard Media