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Branching Out

Much More Than Pink Bubblegum

When a well known gum company was concepting for a new line of gum geared towards a younger male demographic they hit up my friends at Wake Labs who in turn brought me on board to help concept some illustrative packaging. With flavor names set in place from the brand we set out to create a line of mythical and magical creatures to pair up with those flavors. Unicorn Juice, Dragon Slayer, and Yeti Tamer. Along with the illustrative concepts I also wrote the packaging copy taglines. Such as "Takes Your Breath From Neigh to Yay!" #dadjokes

Magical Creatures
Dragon Slayer

Originally a red dragon with a Cinnamon flavor something just didn't feel right about the dragon being red and as soon as we switched him to a more traditional green we suggested a flavor change to Super Strong Spearmint. Slay Thy Dragon Breath!

Yeti Tamer

Icy Bold Peppermint. I love the frosty color profile of this one. Additionally this has my favorite of the three taglines with Your personal breath sherpa. I had just as much fun coming up with the taglines as I did illustrating the packages.

Lenny nailed exactly what I was seeing in my head.

- Peter Deltondo, Wake Labs